Learn How To Find Your Next Job In 1 Day

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JOB! Learn How To Find Your Next Job In 1 Day

"Job! Learn How To Find Your Next Job In 1 Day" is the essence of what Rick teaches that virtually no other job search expert does. They don't know this stuff!

As a result of over 15 years of speaking and counseling job seekers
Rick has learned that 1) regardless of the position people seek, they don't know how to successfully navigate the resume-filtering software that is designed with the sole purpose of eliminating them from consideration. And 2) Rick knows that, job seekers, for the most part (sales people excluded), do not know how to express their value to an employer. This is particularly true of the group Rick calls the 'analyticals': engineers, accountants and IT professionals--people who work with facts and strive for accuracy. In general this type of person is not comfortable speaking of the great things they have done for previous employers and quite often, they don't even recognize the great things they have done themselves simply because they were "doing what they were supposed to be doing."

Now comes "JOB!"

So what does the "JOB!" book, able to be read in less than an hour, do for the job seeker? To begin with it walks the job seeker through the process of determining his or her professional and personal value to an employer after which it will show you how to craft a winning resume designed to successfully navigate the previously mentioned resume-filtering software! The one page, Short-Form Resume created by Rick Gillis provides the recruiter with exactly the right amount of information to get them to make the call--you know, the call Rick aludes to when he says, "You're not looking for a job. You're looking for a phone call!"

Rick knows that job seekers THINK they know keywords work but Rick's revolutionary keyword process, though simple in concept and practical in application, will change forever how job seekers submit their personal resumes!

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"I'm just stunned (by) the facts (in) your book. It's disheartening to see the number of resumes eliminated based off of the formatting of the resume alone. It definitely makes sense to me now knowing these facts as to why I haven't received any phone calls. It's a fantastic and eye-opening read!

"I'm also stunned that I was not warned of this in college."

Kyle C. (Recent College Grad)


"I just finished reading your manuscript, it is fantastic. I wish that the military included this information in the Transition Assistance Programs for us as we exit the military. I really liked how the book was very easy to read and how you can put it right next to you as you develop your opportunity-seeking deliverables."

Ron D. (Retired USAF)


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