The "Former" Job Search Expert that Speaks on Reduced Turnover, Employee Motivation & Promotion


Leaving job search behind...well, not completely*

Rick Gillis is ‘leaving job search behind' by teaching others how to promote themselves--as well as the companies they work for--by implementing the same highly successful tactics & techniques he has created, refined, and presented to job seekers nationally for better than a decade. In this capacity Rick has been noted, quoted, seen and heard across the nation.


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Now comes Promote Yourself 2 (PY2)

Promote Yourself in order to Promote Yourself!
Promote your company in order to grow the business!

Think about this: What if you had to re-apply for their job every month? What would you say that would keep you on the payroll? The answer to this question is PY2.

This dual-purpose presentation teaches your employees actionable, long-term engagement skills as well as how to utilize your non-sales staff to promote your business to existing clientele and vendors. Promotion, engagement, motivation, reduced turnover, personal & business branding--all in a single presentation. PY2 is a life, career and business-changing talk!

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